Why the need?

Montgomery Learning Solutions (MLS) was founded on the notion that everyone has a right to learn in the place, time, and the way they learn best. This isn’t always possible in a large school system but with the right approach, we can help make this happen.

The only person who can ensure your child is receiving the appropriate support to address his or her needs is YOU!  But how can you help if you don’t have all the information? Montgomery Learning Solutions can assist you. As your advocate, we will work with the school to ensure your child’s needs are met in the classroom. As your educational therapist, we will help you identify the most effective solutions outside the school to achieve your goals so no more time or money is wasted.

Our approach aligns with the RTI approach using 3 simple steps:

ASSESSMENT to determine the needs of your child

IMPLEMENTATION of effective programs, resources or services

MEASUREMENT of your child’s progress while using the programs, resources and services