What We Do Master

Montgomery Learning Solutions (MLS) offers a suite of products and services to help students of all ages and ability levels learn smarter, not harder. We help students identify their strengths and challenges, set goals, implement strategies to achieve their goals, and measure the effectiveness of each strategy. 

“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much”- Helen Keller

The only way to know what a student really needs is to identify his strengths, challenges, and ability levels. This can be done with a variety of informal or formal assessments. Montgomery Learning Solutions uses a combination of academic, cognitive, study skills, and learning style assessments. We can also complete formal psychoeducational assessments which are often difficult to obtain within a reasonable time frame through the school or for an affordable cost outside the school. 

Despite the results of assessments, it is still sometimes difficult for teachers to determine the most appropriate strategies or resources that will enable the student to be successful. The RTI or tiered approach assists teachers in identifying appropriate interventions as it focuses on student data to identify instructional strategies that address students’ needs in the general classroom (Hosp, 2008). Parents are also asked for input in contributing to their student’s IEPs but this is sometimes challenging for parents if they don’t understand their children’s needs or the types of support available to help them.

Montgomery Learning Solutions uses the results from our assessments to make recommendations from a wide selection of programs and services to support students both inside and outside the classroom. 

A solution is only as effective as its results. The final phase of the RTI model is monitoring the student’s progress while using different interventions. This may be difficult for teachers as it requires additional time and resources which may be limited. Students may also use a variety of different resources and services outside the classroom but it is also difficult for parents to measure their effectiveness. This may sometimes lead to increased costs, wasted time, or even giving up too early. 

Montgomery Learning Solutions will use customized measurement tools to monitor student’s progress on all strategies that are implemented inside and outside the classroom. 


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