Small Group Support

Independent Learning Support

Small group independent learning support is available each morning from 9am- 12pm to assist with asynchronous learning periods. It’s like having an assistant right beside the student for the entire morning even when the teacher has assigned independent work.

Organizational support to monitor assignment completion. We oversee all assignments, tests and other tasks and provide reminders or support to students if they fall behind. 

Advocacy support to identify needs and required support within and outside the classroom

  • Student / Parent consultation (1 hour)
  • One virtual classroom observation (1.5 hour)
  • Academic/cognitive screening (1 hour)

Once a week


First month- $190 (includes consultation, observation and assessment)

Twice a week 


First month- $285 (includes consultation, observation and assessment)

Study Skills Support

8 – 12 sessions depending on individual needs

Time management and prioritization

Effective studying and test taking

Organization and planning

8 sessions – $160

10 sessions – $200

12 sessions – $240