Foundational EFS

We focus on the skills instead of the label

Everyone learns differently and as a result, strong or deficient executive functioning skills is what impacts our learning, not the label of a specific disability. 

In other words,  individuals with ADHD, autism or anxiety may all struggle with weak skills in sustained attention, task initiation, self-regulation, organization and time management. So, does it really matter what their label or diagnosis is? It is more effective to proactively understand and address the specific executive functioning skills than reactively band-aid the problem because of a diagnosis or disability. 

Our approach at MLS is to address these skills with all students, not just students with diagnosed disabilities, as many students suffer with at least one deficient executive functioning skill which may be impacting their learning or motivation to learn.


The Foundational Executive Functioning Skills Program is an 8-week program delivered in two formats with costs varying depending on the type of service:

8 Week Foundational ProgramsCost
Private educational therapy $860
Private and small group educational therapy $670

*Scholarships may be available for students in financial need

The specific weekly activities include:

  • Completion of a holistic assessment to identify strong and weak academic and executive functioning skills, interests and learning preferences. Depending on outcome an educational achievement or cognitive assessment may also be required at an additional cost.
  • Development of a highly tailored learning plan to identify and implement strategies to achieve your goals.
  • (4-6) one-on-one sessions with an educational therapist to discover the underlying cause of your learning issues and implement specific strategies and a SMART action plan to address these barriers. 
  • (2) small group action-focused sessions with an educational therapist to collaboratively share successes and address obstacles. Not applicable to private educational therapy. 
  • (4-6) check-ins with the educational therapist. 
  • Automatic weekly reminders to stay on task with selected strategies.
  • (6) self-paced online courses to gain a deeper understanding of each specific executive functioning skill and their impact on your learning.