Comprehensive e-Portfolio

Diane Montgomery, Phd Student

Supervisor- Dr. Kathy Snow

Committee Member- Dr. Ron MacDonald

Welcome to my eportfolio highlighting my PhD journey at UPEI which includes my achievements, challenges and lessons learned up to the current stage of the program. This portfolio is embedded within my business website, Montgomery Learning Solutions, as the expertise I have gained and will continue to attain throughout the rest of the PhD program will only enhance my role as an educator, educational therapist, and consultant in my private practice. My portfolio includes:

  • An introduction leading up to my PhD journey
  • A CV of my academic and professional experience 
  • 5 artifacts to demonstrate my:
    • Knowledge of theory
    • Knowledge of research 
    • Instructional competencies
    • Professional competencies 
  • Conclusion and next steps 

I start with my introduction below:

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