About Us

Diane Montgomery is an educational therapist who believes all students have the ability to succeed with the right balance of support.

She has a Master of Education degree with a focus on educational therapy and inclusive education. She also has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Western Ontario and a Postgraduate Certificate in Training and Development from Ryerson University.  Diane is an educational therapist and a member of the Association of Educational Therapists. She is a provider of specialized cognitive-based programs from the Feuerstein Institute, National Institute of Learning and Development, Learning RX, and Barton Reading and Spelling System.

Diane owned a very successful tutoring company where her team of tutors supported hundreds of students in a variety of core and specialized subject areas. Prior to that, she held senior management roles in the financial services industry overseeing the design, development, and delivery of enterprise-wide career and development solutions and managing numerous retail banking branches.

Diane’s inspiration for designing customized learning solutions for individuals with varying learning styles comes from her own diverse family. Diane grew up in a large biracial family, has a high functioning autistic son and a high achieving daughter who was adopted from China. She and her family experienced traditional and alternative methods of education in the public and private sectors. In her personal and professional career, she has witnessed the challenges of struggling learners and also the successes of their achievement when they are provided with the right support throughout their educational journey. An example comes from her own son who recently graduated from college and is successfully living on his own when some thought he would never be able to finish high school. 

Diane is committed to continuing to help other students learn how to learn and finding the right support for them both inside and outside of the classroom to make them autonomous self-regulated learners.